A Waterfall Wedding with Kelsey & Nicky

One of my most Beautiful Weddings held in a forest, and below a magical waterfall in sublime Hogsback, a small personal and lovely wedding with so much gentle love between these girls. They both looked like Princess’s in femme wedding gowns and the decor, setting and food was so perfect.

A Country Wedding

I worked with  Shane Ashby once again, always a good time as I get to photograph a full wedding and work hand in hand with him. This wedding between Heather and Bryce was amazing and we took along a stepladder for the crazy fun creative shoot for me to climb up in order to capture surreal lighting in the forest nearby. Our bridal party was so game to be photographed and their personalities were captured so well.

A Greek Romance

This union between Jimmy and Alkistis’s was extra special as they had met as children then only met up again over 20 years later, what a wonderful love story , they were such fun to work with on the creative shoot and we were blessed with an amazing dusk whilst photographing the creative part of the shoot.

Sari’s & Blue skies become one

Jose and Neethu had a wonderfully sweet and colourful betrothal at Blue Lagoon and Nahoon mouth, before travelling to India for the final family traditional wedding. I so enjoyed this shy and happy couple, both studying in the medical field, a  highly intelligent and gentle couple, the creative shoot on the beach was so special.