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Seychelles Jewel

A Sunday Drive on Seychelles took us across this tiny country into farmlands tucked away amongst giant trees and palms and creepers, in huge abundance and we finally arrived at Antonio Filippin’s house and studio tucked behind his wife, Maria’s well known restaurant called Maria’s.

I was already intrigued by the gallery area with nubile curvy wood sculptures of Seychelles woman a mythical creatures reminiscent of prehistoric birds and such when this tiny wiry yet strong old man arrived and…


Leigh Skinner’s new body of work is titled turbulence. Within this collection of vibrant canvases a small group of paintings is subtitled playing with fire. The latter title is both literal and metaphorical, and refers to Leigh’s technique of heating and burning; and to an experimental juxtapositioning occasionally at odds with the polite rules of composition.

Skinner is in the business of images. As a photographer she captures the moody skies, the worn buildings; and the striking diversity of the…